How it works Position sharing

To start sharing your location, launch the application FollowMe.
Once launched, the application verifies that the GPS is turned on and if it is not, it suggests you turn it on.
The application can not work with the GPS off.

At any time you can exit the application on the Home screen by pressing [BACK] once. This operation completely clears the memory used.

Click on the button [SHARING MY LOCATION]
A new window opens. This is where position sharing is active.
To share your location with your friends, click on the button [ADD USER]
In the window that just opened, click on the user with whom you want to share your location.
This user will be notified by SMS also select his mobile number.

Once done, a new window opens. This is where you write the SMS send message for your position sharing.
At the message you are going to write will be added a URL that will allow the user to see your position on his browser.

In this window you will be able to define the word detect in the SMS received and which will automatically allow those with whom you share your position to send them your position by SMS.
This can be useful if the person has network problems. It will be enough to send you an SMS with the word that you have chosen to receive your position.

Finally you can add your name or pseudonym; It will be visible with people who share your position

You can add as many users as you like to your share.

During a sharing, you will be informed of the various events concerning your sharing. Who sees your position, who no longer sees it, loss of connections and reconnections.
Users with whom you share your location can send you a message. At this point it will read through the voice synthesis and will be displayed on the screen.
You can replay the message by clicking on it.

As soon as you want to stop sharing your position, click on the button [STOP SHARING]
At this moment the sharing is stopped. Users no longer see your position and they are notified of stopping sharing.

At the end of the sharing, a screen will display some information about the route you have just shared. (Max speed, duration, start, end ...)

Go to the Android store and install the FollowMe application

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